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High Impact Qualitative:
The Anerca 360° Brand and Category Audit™

The 360° Brand and Category Audit™ is a long-group methodology that was developed for projects that required brand invention or reinvention (imaging, reimaging or positioning) or the creation of a new product category. The group length allows us to work holistically with each group of consumers: usage, attitudes and beliefs about the category; unmet needs & desires; positioning (where needed); the purchase process and decision; the role of brand; perceptions of the competitive set; mapping of the competitive universe; issues pertaining to a specific brand, and so forth.


It also makes substantial use of projective techniques and consumer creativity tools, many created by Anerca, to allow the interplay between the rational and the “unstated” or emotional. The use of special techniques also enliven the sessions for participants. This also allows for a system of checks and balances to be built into sections, heightening the accuracy of a qualitative approached. A great deal can be accomplished in a few groups and it has resulted in some of strongest work for clients

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