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Founded by Ellen Karp in the mid 90's, and since that time has served an A-list clientele based in the United States, Canada and Europe. Our logo was designed to show our two sides – the yin and  yang of our mandate. On one hand, we are precise, analytic and sequential and on the other (the “E” at the heart of the logo), we inject creativity, an open spirit and a unique perspective into everything we do… while the dot represents the actionable points of a project.

The name “Anerca” is a concept-word in the Inuktitut language that means “song + breath + poem + soul”: for us, it refers to a capacity to bring new light and life to ideas, concepts, brands and organizations. And to our capacity to reveal the essence of an issue and make it new.

A concept word in inuktitut

that Means





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