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Ellen Karp is the founder and thought leader of Anerca International Inc., a strategic consumer research and consulting company with clients in a wide range of sectors in the United States, Europe and Canada.  She is considered one of the most highly respected consumer insights, marketing and branding consultants in North America. Her work in consumer trends and behaviors, using unique consumer insight methodologies, combined with creativity, have led to breakthrough developments in new product and communications advances as well as brand positioning and revitalization.



Bill Johnston is a Partner of Anerca International Inc. a strategic consumer research and consulting company. Coming from a senior business and consulting background, his work with clients focuses on the impact of consumer and business trends on the culture and behavior of the organization; i.e. the ‘internal brand’ and how it and the consumer ‘external brand’ are interdependent and need to be aligned as a significant factor in successful business results.

For advanced analytics Anerca often partners with Troubadour Research + Consulting. 


With a math and logic background, Brianna leads all aspects of data processing and advanced analyses to transform raw numbers into informative visualizations.

Beyond the data Brianna handles internal and external project management, from vendor management to process development and implementation, to ensure a quality product and efficient delivery for our clients.



As Troubadour’s Principal Researcher, Stephanie has a strong background in both quantitative and qualitative research, but her first loves are experimental design and quantitative analysis.

Stephanie got her start in academic research, with ten years of laboratory work and advanced degrees in experimental psychology. She has been conducting consumer research for the past 8 years, and her extensive experience working on the client side helps her balance academic rigor with the bottom line: that companies are looking for compelling, actionable market insights that will help them make strategic business decisions and, ultimately, be successful.

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