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workshops + Research

Developmental and exploratory: category and literature reviews, white space identification, socio-cultural trend workshops, multi-functional innovation team facilitation, expert interviews, idea generation/creative problem solving

  • Consumer interface: consumer labs, consumer innovation research,

  • Concept development and testing: hypothesis development, concept creation and refinement

  • Positioning, packaging and communication workshops

  • Validation – qualitative and quantitative

Proprietary Tool:

“Next Big Thing” Research and Workshops


Retail Behavior

Retail Ethnographies (including diaries/mobile / “shopalongs”

  • Category Management and Merchandising (Research and Strategies)

  • Online Shopping

  • The Retail Competitive Universe

  • Purchase Decisions and Purchase Intent

Proprietary Tool:

The Retail Experience: Pragmatic and Emotional



Consultation + Workshops

Proprietary Tool:
Socio-Cultural Trend Based Innovation Workshops and Category Audit

High Impact


Focus Groups / IDIs / In Depth and Expert Interviews / Expert Interviews / Ethnographies / Consumer

  • Creativity Sessions
    Online Qualitative

  • Master moderation with
    advanced projective and
    metaphoric techniques

  • Full analysis

Proprietary Tool:

The 360º Brand And Category Audit


Quantitative research + Analysis

  • Insight-driven quantitative studies

  • Statistical analysis and testing

  • Global surveys

  • Consumer segmentation

  • Advanced analytics


Branding + Positioning

  • Positioning and/or repositioning

  • Brand essence/brand imagery
    brands in the competitive set

  • Masterbranding

  • Communication Development

Proprietary Tool:

Branding for Internal and External Stakeholders



NewCategory Development

  • Consumer creativity sessions

  • Concept development
    and evaluation

Proprietary Tool:

Where is the White Space

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